How social media impacts TV and Films.

Film and TV are now being judged on social media sites before seeing the film or TV shows for themselves. There are many reasons for this in these times. One of the main reasons is being the time is now becoming a major issue. With so many normal day to day activities needing to be carried out such as cleaning, cooking etc as well as people adding things likes social communication to this list of daily activities through mobile applications and social networking sites.

Now everybody relies on reviews from friends like this article suggests. The reason being they do not want to waste so much precious time on watching a film or TV program that didn’t know whether it was good or not in the first place.

TV programmes and Films such as suits and entourage. These types of program or films are becoming more and more popular through social media and word of mouth. On one of the site it suggested that “one in three consumers saw a movie because they read reviews about it before hand.” Shows what people are now doing and not going to see it themselves before making judgement.

“8 hours visiting social networking sites”. This also shows how regularly are on these sites and also it links to the fact that people spend so much time on the sites and it has become a daily activity. In terms of the impact it has had on Film and TV it is big because people are relying on others before having seen the film or program therefore the ratings are plummeting.

What do you think about the ratings and reviewing of Film and TV shows?

Do you think that it is affecting how high the ratings are?

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2 Responses to How social media impacts TV and Films.

  1. mosalhan says:

    I reckon ratings and reviews should be done by professional pundits who understand good cinematic techniques, good story writing and good acting. Those people make intellectually based reviews on a movie or a show in comparison to where ordinary people would make a emotionally based review on a movie depending whether they liked it or not. This could be very deceiving as maybe someone is not a fan of a particular genre of he movie/show. If all reviews and ratings could be done by intellectual people who have a good level of knowledge, like football pundits i believe reviews/ratings would be allot more accurate in comparison to how accurate they are these days.

  2. I totally agree with mosalhan I feel that the only people who can rate movies without being biased are film critic people who have done studies in this field because normal people who just enjoy movies like students like us can have a different opinion on different movies and might find that the movie we hate the most might be another persons favourite because dont take into account all the things a film critic can because they have more experience in this field.

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