Social media gaming can be big business for your business

As published on August 12, 2010 an article clearly states Social gaming is barely 3 years old, and already companies such as Zynga are reportedly earning $500,000.00 per day! And your brand can benefit from this hot market.”

As on looking to the above statement in the article most people would be shocked just as I am personally. You think to your self is this really true and I’m sure most would agree that is quite unbelievable. This is due to the face that most people are not aware of social gaming as much as others and it has never come across as an important concern or given any thought into this matter. However, as proven with statistical evidence, is this believed to be true? This attracts most people to become interested in this study.

Firstly, there are many types of social media gaming. For example Resource Management and Simulation as defined in the article; “Players are responsible for managing resources to achieve a specific goal, players are left to make key decisions”.  An example is Farmville which has 82.4 million users and over 23.9million Facebook application fans.

As most people would confirm with me to believe this as unbelievable, how can a social media game hit this big? Another example is gambling, which is quite popular amongst people. Clearly defining and stating, “Social gambling mimics popular examples from real life”. “ESPN’S Steak for cash boasts over 3 million players per a day”.

There are also many advantages of social media gaming such as cost. For example, most social media games are offered at no cost meaning a user can play all and any different type of game available without any cost. Another advantage is the ability of playing multiplayer. As stated in an article of advantages of social network games states, “Depending on the game, you may be able to play at the same time, take turns in the same game, or simply compare scores with your friends”. “The ability to interact with your friends is a feature that many downloadable computer games and traditional video games lack”.  
Therefore it can be agreed that gaming in social media is very big and is huge. Just from the above examples you can see how big it really is and most people are unaware is this. The amount of benefits that come from social media gaming comes up to a large amount however; there are also disadvantages as even amongst good things there are always bad things. In the long run it can be seen as more beneficial.


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3 Responses to Social media gaming can be big business for your business

  1. 0913803da says:

    Social gaming principles provide a valuable lesson that can be adopted by various business models, the success of Zynga’s Farmville, CityVille and Mafia Wars should prompt businesses to attempt to learn from social gaming user’s behavior and apply them to their own services and products. Gamification elements like loyalty rewards, achievement badges and leader boards and can enhance any experience.

  2. sufimagix says:

    Being a gaming enthusiast myself I haven’t really found myself taking part much in social gaming but by social gaming are you just referring to gaming over social networks and the games they provide because if you look at social gaming on its own; it can be expanded into a number of different areas such as home generation consoles or smartphones. Games such as Jetpack Joyride & Angry birds are extremely popular on android and ios devices now and have included online features to help keep players competing on the leader-boards such as sharing stats over social networks with your friends and even better analysing your friends stats over Facebook and Twitter and keeping you up to date with it. This Ive taken part in, and ive seen my friends score tally up every hour or so and we’d be competing with eachother silently; the moment we have a new high-score, facebook or twitter automatically tweets or posts it on our accounts. Its pretty cool.

  3. faizaarehman says:

    Social media gaming has become bigger and bigger over the years. With the introduction of gaming on websites such as facebook, this has been a big opportunity for businesses to gain revenue. For example Zynga with Farmville, its a free game which allows users to play without paying but as the addiction increases users like to purchase the in game add ons for example in Farmville you can purchase coins for your farm, which allows you to gain an advantage over your friends. So overall I agree with this blog and I feel that businesses have a great opportunity in making big business over social websites.

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