Employer asking for Facebook passwords

I believe this is entirely wrong. How can employers ask job applicants for their Facebook passwords? They should consider how they would of felt if they were put in this same situation when applying for a job. Even after knowing there are privacy settings in place this has not seemed to have an effect in this situation.

The fact that employers can ask a person for their password to their personal social media network is horrendous. This is exceeding as employers can have full access into their private life and social life with the login details. In my opinion, employees should never be asked about their facebook password as correctly stated in the article “There should be a line between personal and private and this would seem violate it.” I totally agree with this statement. Imagine all the past, personal life, social life that employers could dig up and find and perceive job applicants completely different. There could even be a totally new image perceived by the employer. As correctly stated in the article it is a tough decision when an employer asks for your login information and it could even surprisingly cost an individual their job offer. It just doesn’t seem right and a person should not work for a company of any sort if they wish to invade into their privacy, employee’s decision on this should be respected. 

However, there are some smart ways for an individual to tackle the question when asked by an interviewer. For example, “I am very careful with my personal, private online persona and do not feel comfortable giving out any passwords. But you can feel free to look at my profile as it appears to you as a company right now, if you would like.” “I would never participate in social media on the organization’s time and ask that the organization will respect my personal social media rights outside of work.”

On the other hand some people agree that up to a certain limit it can also help facebook users gain job opportunities. This can be read into more detail at: http://www.blackenterprise.com/small-business/employers-asking-for-a-job-applicants-facebook-password-is-fair-game/

 With the sub title heading, “Depending on the job, access to the social media communications of a potential hire may by in your company’s best interest” (Edmond, 2012).

As you can review from the above information, employers having the ability of having job applicants Facebook password is mostly in the wrong doing however on the other hand it can help employers find individuals that are most suitable for their company for an example. Also, bearing in mind that different companies have different social media policies which also needs to be taken into consideration and into thought.  Only at this point an individual can decide whether to hand out his Facebook password or not.

In conclusion, it seems as though companies are trying to get further into individual’s personal lives, looking through their profiles is bad enough. I believe the individuals personal live should be kept separate from an individuals working life. Making a decision on whether to employee an individual should not be all based on social media. I understand to a certain extent it helps employers but asking for a password is just not right whether the person has something to hide or not.

It is evident from many cases people are saying “No”. If you were asked in an interview for your Facebook password, what would you do? Keeping in mind if you say “No” this would make the employer think you may be hiding something.

The following link will help you if a potential employer asks for your Facebook password: http://mashable.com/2012/04/08/employer-facebook-password/

Facebook has officially taken a stand on the argument over the Maryland Department of Corrections and other employers asking job applicants to hand over their Facebook passwords (Hill, 2012).








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2 Responses to Employer asking for Facebook passwords

  1. cpreston89 says:

    I actually think this is outrageous. I can imagine possibly them asking to see your social media presence so your Facebook page but asking to give them your password should be illegal!

    I definitely would not give them my password, it is a breach of my privacy however, I might allow them to have access to my page if it was really necessary for the position.

  2. faizaarehman says:

    Personally, I agree with what has been said in the post. As an employee who works part-time, I can’t imagine my boss asking me for my facebook password. Some people are very reserved to what they show on facebook and wouldn’t like people who they don’t feel close to going through their profile let alone through their messages! Many Facebook users have family members on there, and personal pictures etc. and for an employer to be allowed to go through them is insane! It shouldn’t be allowed as it is a breach of an individuals privacy and laws should be enforced to make this happen.

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